Beginning the Journey

A friend of mine who writes for Bleacher Report told me that the first thing I need to do on my path to publishing my book is start a blog. I put it off for a while until today. I have been restless the past few hours and tossing in turning in my bed after reading through my second edit of my book so I figured now would be the best time to begin. With each edit and each read I have to dive back into the emotion of the events surrounding the book. The book will be an autobiography and will tell the story of my life from the beginning until now. It has been a cathartic process but it will be rewarding once it is finished. It will start at the age of 4 when I was taken out of my mothers home in Detroit and placed into foster care and it will go to the point in my life where I am currently at. for those who know my story this book will fill in the gaps, and to the ones just learning, the goal is that it can help you get through the struggles you are facing today. 

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