I had great intentions to work on my book today. When I came home from church I found my roommate throwing a housewarming party with her friends since she just moved in with me April 1st. the friends she has are from her capoeira group. that is a martial arts/breakdance group. They were really warm open people. they were a lot of fun. They were singing and playing instruments in a circle in my living room and as I tried to grab my laptop to sneak into my bedroom they pulled me into the circle and gave me a tambourine and taught me the beat. It was refreshing and fun. I went out back and made a bonfire where we played the instruments around the fire and they sang songs. They showed me their martial arts routines they do in class. It was quite fascinating. Although in did not work on my book today, I was cultured to something new and I liked it. I may even go with my roomate to one of her Capoeria classes someday. she has been in the United states for 3 months working for GM. she came straight from India so the US is all new to her. I think we have both taught each other new things and I am excited to spend the summer with her here. I went to Salsa dancing class with her last week, so it has been good she motivates me to get out and try new things. This week I am working a lot of overtime starting with 16 hours tomorrow, so it seems best to throw in the towel on the idea of editing the book tonight. I learned though that people can have simple innocent fun with some dancing skills, some instruments and the game Twister that is currently being done in my living roomImage

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