Today I saw fall the rain..and it brought to me your memory

The title of this blog is the first line of a poem that a friend in Uruguay wrote to me in 2004 after I left his country from a missions trip. The last day that I was there it was raining and we all played soccer in the rain. He was 19 years older than me but it was the first time I thought that I felt love for somebody.  The proper wording was lost in translation but it was a poem that I held dear to my heart for years and one that I will always remember. Today is the first day off I have had all week. It has been a busy week working in the ER with flu season being extended and the weather taking a quick turn towards April showers. On my day off today it was my intention to do some work on my book. As I woke up I realized it was going to be a rough day for my health because of the weather. The weather went up 24 degrees overnight and is very humid. Since I had the brain injury last august  I have struggled with headaches vertigo and hearing loss as well as sight loss that has been off and on with weather changes and stress. Today it hit hard. I got the laptop out in the afternoon and sat down to start editing my book and I could barely see straight and the room began to spin. The rain was coming down hard and I could hear the rain and feel the splash through the screen on my window.  I could barely get off the couch without feeling like my head was going to explode or that I was going to faint. If it wasn’t for speak and text capabilities on my Ipad I wouldn’t even be able to write this blog today. I guess that comes with the territory of a brain injury. I can definitely relate to my patients in the ER now that have had TBI’s and deal with this. I was never  able to understand the pain they were in until now. I have definitely gained a sense of sympathy towards them now.  Tomorrow I will be attending a Trauma conference that my hospital is putting on. It just so happens that the neurologist that took care of me while I was in the hospital will be the speaker at the conference regarding head injuries and the impact the no helmet law has had on trauma patients in the ER. I finished reading a book today. it was called EAT PRAY LOVE. I was proud of myself for finishing it because I am not a huge reader, but that book hit too close to home on so many levels. it added an element of encouragement as well. I would suggest it as a read to any woman who has gone through a divorce. 

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