Trauma conference

After waking up two hours early to attend a trauma conference for work that I thought started at 7 am, I arrived at 6:30 am thinking I would get there ahead of time in order to get settled in. When I found out that it started at 8 am, I regretted the 2 hours of sleep I lost but decided to sit down with my venti Starbucks and enjoy downtime for a while. I saw people set up their booths and the vendors setting up preparing for the conference. It hit me in that moment that I am about to attend a conference as an RN. I am finally a professional. I was an insurance agent for a while and I enjoyed the time I spent in the business aspect of it. With nursing I finally feel like what I am doing matters. I am able to help people every day I go to work. I now find that I am a resource to my friends as well. People will come to me for medical advice and it gets me motivated to continue on in my studies to maintain my level of expertise by being up to date with the latest evidence based practice. Although nursing is what I do, I have to remind myself that it is not who I am. I enjoy working as a nurse, but I am also open to the idea that life changes quickly ad I may end up spending my life on a new path at any given time. As long as I can do something that gives my life purpose and I can continue to invest in people in some way then I will be content. I have discovered that a career in helping people is just as fulfilling as investing in people on a daily basis. The only difference is that working as a nurse pays my bills, which is the only difference I see between investing in peoples lives inside the hospital versus outside. The main speaker at the conference was the Neurosurgeon that was on my case after my accident last Fall. That reminded me again that I am alive and I survived. As he went through case studies of Traumatic brain injuries and the statistics, expectations and mortality rates, I am reminded that life is short and I made a promise when I thought that I was taking my last breath, that I would not waste my life and I would share my story if i lived through it. So today is another day that I have the opportunity to live, breathe and share my story that endures and gives my life purpose.

2 thoughts on “Trauma conference

  1. Rachel~ you put words together so nicely. They flow and make really good sense. I enjoy reading your experiences honey & am so very proud of the WOMAN you have become & who you are everyday. I thank God for bringing you to me to love & cherish & share our lives together. You are a very precious asset to many people around you & I love watching how much people admire you & how open you have become about your life to be able to help others~ And You DO help others.
    I love you so very much my RachelDawn.

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