Sometimes in life it seems that everything falls on a single decision that you need to make. We tend to look for doors to open for us to move forward and we waste time rather than just going for it. Sometimes when a door closes we sit in the dark room and wonder what went wrong and why that season of life came to an end. It all comes down to perspective. We need to look at closed doors as opportunities. Opportunities to move forward through another open door. If we stand still and stay in a content safe place we will waste our lives and we will never experience the full extent of life. When it comes to making decisions there is never a wrong decision, just decisions that may need new follow up plans. Looking back on life I can see how everything has worked out and come together to be what it is today. I look at it and think to myself that it is crazy how intertwined everything is. I wonder how it all ended up this way. I struggle at the time wondering if things will work out or not. looking back it is easy to see that everything works out exactly as it is supposed to. If we take that same mindset in looking forward it will instill faith that if things worked together to get you to where you are today and you can see purpose than more than likely the same will happen moving forward. Sometimes it just takes a single decision we have been holding back on to see that the only thing keeping things from working out in the end is ourselves….standing still.

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