Seasons of Change

With each passing season I am reminded of the regeneration of things that comes after the demise of things…..with every ending comes a new beginning. This past year has been full of ups and downs, and surrounded by change. Whenever anybody has asked me ” what’s new?” I just say, everything! In one years time so much can change, and that doesn’t mean change is bad. I have learned that change doesn’t mean bad, it just means different. Looking at the park behind my house I saw one-day, trees that were bare and lifeless. It seems as though overnight the lease is grown and flowers have bloomed. It gives me hope that even though things may seem fair and lifeless in one day in any situation things can turn around and become brighter than before. I personally believe that Springtime is a special kind of season. The saying spring cleaning has a deeper meaning than just cleaning out closets. It means to me cleansing things in my life and renewing myself as a person to prepare for the rest of the year. Change is good. Life is beautiful.

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