Forward Motion

Why do so many people struggle with forward motion? It sounds like a simple task to move forward, yet we get so caught up in the past and stay too focused on the present that we lose track of our next steps. So many times we try to “Get back to where we were”.  The past is real, and it happened.  The pain you feel in your life is valid! What has happened in your life has played a role in making you who you are today. The problem with trying to get back to where we were is that we are not making any progress in life. We will be stuck in a rut and we will be displeased to find that things aren’t as they once were. Whatever path you have been on in life was used to get you exactly where you are now. That being said, you should not stay stagnant and wallow in the present. Always keep moving forward.  Every time we get some ground we turn ourselves around again. That cant happen. The past will intertwine into our future and it will help to shape it, but yet the past does not DEFINE your future. The key is to take the next step in your life that “makes sense “. There is never a bad decision that you can make, just ones that may not work out long term. That should not stop you from making decisions.  It is like driving a car, as you drive forward you need to check your rear view mirror occasionally. If you are driving your car in traffic and you don’t take your eyes off of the rear view mirror, you will crash. You will also hurt others in the process. The same goes for life, the past will always be a part of you and you cannot help but glance back at it occasionally. The part you must remember is that if you focus too much on the past then you will crash and you will hurt people. Life is short and is full of experience. Whatever you want out of life, make it happen. Taste defeat, then brush your teeth. 


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