Sneak preview from my book that is currently being edited:

“Overall, without an inward determination of resilience, things would look a lot different now. As my life story was being written for me according to what was predestined to happen, I took the pen back. I decided that my life was not going to go the way that everybody expected it would go. I overcame obstacles, and I persevered through the hard times. I kept my eyes focused on what was ahead and I kept hope in my heart. I knew that God had a bigger plan and purpose for my life and that it was possible for me to succeed. I knew that everything that I have been through was for a purpose. I knew deep inside that someday I would somehow help others. Keeping that goal in mind pushed me forward and gave my life purpose. The sense of helping others who struggled as I did and continuing to move forward and not look back at the past was what allowed me to get to where I am now. I didn’t end up on the streets in the end. I spent some time there and I learned a lot about life, but I decided that that wasn’t going to be my life. Your final destination is all about your choice. You have the choice to be where you want to be in life. The typical ending of the life you are born into should not cloud your view of where you are able to end up. If I wanted to stay in the streets I could have. I had friends there; I had the hook ups and the connections to make it just fine living on the streets. I could make it through each day just fine and get by in everyday life and just barely make it by leaning on friends and the people that could come and my pathway. It was always an option to rely on getting help from others. I decided I wasn’t going to stand around taking hand outs to get by. I chose to be one that is able to give help. I went from being somebody who is needy to somebody who helps the needy. I made that a goal. There were times where I needed the help and I took it when I had to. Now is the time that I’m finally able to be the one to help. Who you were yesterday does not make you who you are today. I was able to learn that lesson in life. Just because my past told me that I was supposed and up in a certain way in the future, did not mean that that I was going to let that happen.”

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