The bicycle accident

“My story” A portion taken from the book I am publishing from a chapter about the bicycle accident last August ………….From fleeting memories surrounding the accident, I truly have no recollection of what happened that brought me to that point on that day. I remember waking up on a backboard c-collared in the back of an ambulance. As I lifted my hand to my head to see what hurt so bad, I felt my skull shift in two pieces and felt soft tissue beneath. As a nurse my next assessment was to check if there was bleeding from the ear. As I moved my hand down my skull and removed my finger from my ear to see blood and clear fluid flowing out, I knew from my medical background that was a fatal sign. The paramedic placed a non-re-breather mask over my face and said, “Stay with us we aren’t going to lose you now”. I remember looking up as I heard the sirens and feeling as though I was fading away and falling down a ravine. As I drifted off I knew at that moment I was either slipping into a coma due to the brain injury or I was dying due to the intracranial pressure buildup and bleeding out. I remember praying desperately at that moment that God would give me a second chance and keep me alive and I asked him to forgive me for wasting my life by sitting on the couch and feeling depressed. It was in that moment I knew my life was worth so much more than what I allowed myself to give credit for. In that moment all color surrounding me turned white, I slipped back into unconsciousness not knowing what the outcome would be. The ambulance was on their lunch break and had driven down the side street I was riding my bicycle on. They just happened to be on scene the moment I hit the sidewalk. Talk about miracles! I found that out after looking up my medical records from that day. Minutes later, I woke up in the resuscitation room of the local trauma center. Trauma surgeons, neurologists, doctors, nurses and residents surrounded me. I looked up and at that moment and regardless of the pain I was in I knew that I was alive. That was the moment I knew that I was alive for a purpose and everything was going to be ok. Even if I ended up paralyzed.

 I remember them asking me if I had anybody they could call to notify. In that moment when I said, “No”, I was not depressed like I thought I would be when I had to make that statement. At the time it didn’t matter that I didn’t have family or a support system, all that mattered was the fact that I was alive. I had a peace in that situation that I didn’t think was possible.

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