Changes- Yet another move

It seems that change is the only consistent thing in life.  This recent move has been a big step for me.  I recently moved to Downtown Detroit to a high rise apartment overlooking the city.  I left behind a house I rented in Royal Oak. That house was a transition home for me. That was the last resort place I rented from somebody at work last minute as I got divorced and moved out of the home I lived in with my husband for 5 years. So as I left the transition home it was bittersweet. That was the home that provided me shelter and relief from a bad marriage. I started a new life in that home I got settled into a new job made new relationships and got back into dating again while living there. I grew a a lot while in that home and it was a great interim location. This move to Detroit was a good one. This was a move that I chose. I got to choose this time to go wherever I wanted to because I have nothing or nobody to hold me back from going or living anywhere. this wasn’t a runaway from a bad marriage or a rough family, this was MY decision. I love this place. It is close to the church I attend Woodside Detroit. I am also closer to many friends I made at this church. This will be a positive change in my life. I moved in with another young professional woman who works with me so that will be a positive experience as well.  The new job I started as a SANE nurse  at WC SAFE (Wayne County Sexual Assault Forensic Examiner) is close by so I can respond to the pager in minutes.  I am in a thriving community and I am going to be a part of the uprising of a struggling city. A Pioneer! This is a positive change and a good one at that. This is going to be a telling year for me. All the contracts I have with car job and apartment go till next July so I will have a lot of change and decisions to make this year, it will be a year of growth and positivity and I am calling the shots in my life now and I will be orchestrating my future. it is a great feeling. I have  made great friends some of which helped me move to the new place, that was quite the job! I am so thankful for the people in my life. life is not all about the final destination, but it is about the connections you make along the way. 

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