Transformers 4

Yes …. That is actually mark wahlberg. This was taken outside the front door of my apartment building as my friend asked him for his autograph as he drove by. The movie transformers 4 is being filmed right next to my apartment building in downtown Detroit. It has been quite the experience. It was cool To see an empty lot get turned into a mini Hong Kong. Not only is it cool to see the set being built it is cool that they are filming it in Detroit which pumps up Detroit Citizens to have city pride it also boosts Detroit economy. When Detroit just filed for bankruptcy something like this will really help. It has been frustrating to get in and out of the parking garage with all the road closures but that is only temporary and it is worth it. It is funny to sit outside and watch tourists come to check out the set on ground-level and get turned away by security for walking too close. You see people walk quickly and try not to make eye contact with the security guards and try to get onto the set and act like they didn’t realize they were filming. Then you get some locals who you watch get into physical fights with the security guards telling them that this is their town and they’re allowed to go on to the film set because it is their property. It has been quite entertaining, aside from the fact that I can lie in bed and look out my window and watch them film. I have seen buildings blowup cars blown into the air and have the luxury of seeing Mark Wahlberg daily. I can’t complain. The city of Detroit has so much to offer. I guess I couldn’t think of a better time to get put on bed rest after being in a car accident then the week that Hollywood is in town filming a motion picture. I hope Detroit continues to bring in business from Hollywood and other motion pictures that will show people that Detroit isn’t as bad as it seems.



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