The show must go on

I have been hanging out with a lot of musicians lately. Musicians I would say are in the category of artists. And respectfully speaking I would have to say that they are their own breed. This is a good thing. Artists and musicians think outside the box and more colorful than most people think. They perceive things in many different ways as opposed to having one view. A phrase I learned from a pianist is, “the show must go on”. He spoke those words to me after he heard what I was struggling with in life. He told me that regardless of anything I face I must continue to move forward. He gave the analogy of when he goes on to perform. He steps backstage and is getting ready to go in front of an audience of thousands. He has been Preparing for months for the show, and people have invested a lot of money into seeing the production. Regardless of what has happened that day that week when his life, he has a duty to the audience that follows him. He related this to my life. In life I have a duty in a purpose. Actually believe that. There are many people to whom I give advice and mentor I look after and many people who I look up to in the same way. When it comes time in life for my show to go on, I have to remember that anything bad that has happened during the day in the past week or in my life cannot hold me back from the performance, which is life. Life is our show each day is a new production. People are the audience. We cannot cancel a show that people are waiting to take part of because we had a bad day. Life happens. People ask me how I can get up and walk again after being thrown down so many times. And I tell them, “the show must go on”. Life will not stop. Sometimes it ends, sometimes it’s harder than others. But it doesn’t just stop. If we stop our life continues on without us. We need to keep moving forward. Progress is progress. Even if that means one step a day, you still need to take that step. Any step in the forward direction is better than remaining where you were. When you are about to allow your situations to affect your decisions, that is where you need to step back and realize the production is much bigger and there’s more behind the scenes that goes on but yet, the show must go on.


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