Up in the air

Yesterday I went out for the first time on a private aircraft. I have been asked many times to go out and join my friend and I have always been afraid. I finally faced my fears and I went out. It was one of the greatest experiences. My fears always stemmed from my accident prone nature. In a weird way I didn’t want to endanger anybody else with my bad luck. Also the fear of a plane crash is a scary one. Then I thought back, and I realized that I have survived a few accidents recently that should have been fatal. So I was reminded that somebody wants to keep me alive for a purpose so that made it easier to get over my fear and just hop on the plane and take off. The pilot actually let me fly the plane for a while until I got tired and handed him over the controls. It was more work than I thought it would be. Looking down at , houses, people, farms and pools, it gave me a better perspective of reality. It was a taste of the bigger picture of life. Every time I fly on Delta ( typically) or another international or major Airline on descent and take off these thoughts always go through my mind as I watch the cities below. This flight we were only at 2000 to 3000 feet so we were very close and you got to see a lot more detail. It allowed me to comprehend the intimacy and each and every home and to understand the life of each and every person. We go about our daily lives not being able to see the broader picture. To look down and see the different roads that lead different directions and the different homes harboring different families builds the creativity of the mind. Each home had a new story each road what a different way. Was one better than the other, no. But it did allow me to see that there wasn’t just one road and there isn’t just one home. There are many people everywhere traveling and going about their days not thinking about the streams of life they are going through in transit. Each person’s life is a priority to their own, as it should be. We need to build the direction of her own life, but we also have to realize that the road we take others travel along with us and may detour off somewhere else. That’s why the roads in the detours are there. Because not everyone takes the same road. We need to realize our differences in life, and understand that when somebody’s direction changes we do not have the right to get mad at them or to be sad even because this world is a giant place of opportunity, wonder and excitement. Never hold anybody back, especially yourself. Visualize the world as a whole and never put yourself or your life in a box. There is so much more out there in the picture so much bigger




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