There are many people who enter our lives each day. Nobody has crossed your path on accident. There are some who swoop in for a short time and we wish they would have stayed longer and then there are some who stay in our lives longer than we would prefer. Each one has a purpose.  You should never regret the people you have come to know in life. There are people who have been good to you in life and that has produced happiness. there are people who have wronged you, and they may have been bad people, but those have given you life experience. Experience is something you can pass along, so embrace the negative people, you cant remove them so you can at least learn from them.  There are also the people who have given you memories. these are the people who mean the most because in the story of your life they make it onto a page.  When you think about the people you meet in life, keep each one in perspective. no matter how stressful the situation or how bad the person treats you, keep in mind the bigger picture. When the story of your life is written if this person causing you trouble wont even make it as a footnote in your book then why let them ruin a day of your life story. The bigger picture always needs to be kept in mind because it allows you to move past the small things and the people who really don’t matter for a greater purpose in your own life. This is similar to the production of a movie. When filming a movie…there are the main actors and then there are the extras in the movie, these extras contribute to the whole scene but nobody cares who they are when it comes down to it, yet each person contributed to the scene. Without those people it wouldn’t be a full picture but each of those people were replaceable and not significant in the final portrayal of the scene. 

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