SUCCESS: Endurance and Persistance

It is easy to lose steam when you push so hard in life and you don’t feel like you are going anywhere. When we push ourselves too hard we get burnt out and we  lose hope. With that follows depression. We don’t get where we are headed and that is depressing. The rush and burden of trying to be successful builds so much anxiety within us. It is good to be motivated and to push forward. There also has to be a balance to avoid the burnout and disappointment. The key is to be persistent and determined.  If you have an end goal of where you see yourself in mind that will allow you to stay focused. If you have that goal it is important to be persistent until you reach that goal. That means to be persistent through the downfalls and setbacks as well. The setbacks are what cause most people to lose their flame. In order to be successful with this you have to realize that it will take time. You MUST be patient with yourself. We are our own biggest critic. Patience is key. We must also be sympathetic and compassionate with ourself. We need to learn to encourage and motivate ourselves. We cant depend on others to do so for us.

 It is easy for us to talk about our goals in life. The hard part is to accomplish them. that is where the determination and desire to succeed comes in. In life what you hope and wish for doesn’t count. What counts are the actions you put into those hopes and dreams. You need to live out your dreams rather than just reflecting and hoping towards them.  When you succeed you are happy. Realizing that you have accomplished your goals builds confidence. the phrase “fake it till you make it” isnt such a bad idea. Put on a confident smile and move forward as though nothing can stop you. When you reach your goal in the end you will realize that you weren’t just “faking it” because you have finally made it. 

1. Start with the persistence necessary to succeed.

2. Develop habits of determination and be persistent until you make progress.

3. When you start to move forward and progress in life your new found self confidence will take you the rest of the way.

4. Be patient with yourself and be forgiving of your own mistakes. It takes time. 

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