Have your cake and eat it too

The thought came to me today since it is my birthday that generally people give you birthday cake. Sometimes if you have more than one friend who makes your cake you get a couple different cakes. If you are really fortunate and have a lot of friends you may have five people show up with cakes and sometimes cupcakes. šŸ™‚ Regardless of how many cakes you have on your birthday most likely you will only eat one piece. The cakes will still be there the following days and you can try a little bit of each one but you personally will never fully finish all of the cakes on your own. It helps to have friends over and share what you have been given.

Thinking about this I related it to life. Sometimes people are very blessed in their own life and they have all the “cake” they can ever want and all the friends anybody could want. The cake in the analogy refers to monetary items of blessings in life. You can have everything that you ever wanted but yet still it is more than you will ever need. Sometimes having too much of a good thing makes you sick of the good thing and then you crave less. You begin to crave simplicity. Growing up, I was not fortunate to have all the cakes given to me. I was fortunate to get a piece of somebody else’s cake at one time or another. Thinking about this really made me understand that just because you have a lot does not necessarily mean that you need a lot. I want to strive to be content with having less. It is also my goal but if I do become blessed with multiple cakes and many friends I want to be able to share what I have with others, Otherwise it will just go to waste because nobody can eat all those cakes alone. I have come far in life from where I started the book I published, “taking back the pen” ( http://www.createspace.com/4271634 ) Goes through the hard times that I’ve had in life. The book goes through how I became successful and got my self where I am today regardless of having nothing. I learned how to “make my own cakes in life”. Always remember that no matter how little you have you can always get more. And no matter how much you have you can always end up with less. If you have a lot it will go to waste eventually so make the best of it and share with those around you pay it forward bless others and you too will be blessed.


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