THREE STEPS: How to Become a Person of Influence

To be a person of influence you need to be a respected individual. In order for people to listen to what you have to say, you need to be credible. To gain credibility you need people to trust you. This comes in time. Through time comes dedication and integrity. Patience is key. Success does not happen over night, nor will people trust you after meeting you one time.

There is a 3 step method to becoming a person of influence:

Step 1- Hope (optimism)
In order for people to look up to you they have to see a glimpse of hope. Even the smallest glimpse of hope will give somebody a reason to believe. if you are optimistic you will go far. We live in a negative society so optimism is hard to come by, yet it is a necessary trait. This does not mean that there is not room for hurt or despair. There are always things that bring us down and cause hurt in our lives. We will face discouragement. That is a guarantee. That is “ok” and that is a normal part of life. The part to keep us hopeful is to realize that we cant live there. We can not stay in the place of hopelessness. We need to be resilient and move past the downfalls and think positive…optimism!
If you stand strong in the midst of dark times people around you will start to wonder what it is that you have in your life that keeps you standing strong. Do not live in panic and despair

Step 2- Humility
Real humility looks like respect. In the bible an example of humility was when Jesus washed His disciples feet. This was a picture of a leader showing servant style leadership. This is a great example of how to lead in humility. In order to leave you have to first serve. Everybody deserves respect-even your enemies. If you want to get somewhere in an argument or with somebody that is opposed to your thinking, you need to show respect. You will never win somebody over if you don’t first level with them. If you haven’t looked into or studied what you are arguing against then you are biased and it is not a fair argument. Be knowledgeable on anything that you are standing against in order to better represent what it is that you are standing for.
Your deepest goal should not be to harm or defeat your opposition but to serve them and love them to show them your heart. That is how you win a battle.

Step 3- Wisdom
Knowing when to pick your battles is key. There is a difference between what WE PREFER and what is right and wrong. Acknowledging the right to a different preference is key. people will always have different preferences. It does not man that the person is wrong, just different.
Wisdom comes with time and experience. There is a difference between knowledge and wisdom.

In life the darker things get…the brighter your light will stand out. Shine brightly. Know what you stand for. Be bold. Be wise. Be respectful. Be Patient. When people respect you then you will have the ability to influence them. Remember that respect is earned and it is necessary but it takes time.

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