Autobiography- Your Story Matters

Autobiography- Your Story Matters

EVERYBODY HAS A STORY- This book a was not just written to share my story…you may be reading this and thinking to yourself that your story is similar and you may know exactly what I am talking about throughout the book. This book is meant to inspire you as well. This book will hopefully allow you to ask yourself……why have I not shared my story yet? Sharing your story may not be in the form of a book, it may be in finally speaking up to somebody in your life that you have watched struggle but yet you have been afraid to council for fear of offending. You may finally come out with something to your family that you have been hiding. This may inspire you to begin your journey of releasing and relearning. You are important and your story does matter. Each person that reads this has their own circle of community around them that another person may never be able to reach. Take ownership of the lives around you that you have been placed around to influence. Don’t let your life pass without sharing your story. Here is the link to my book

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