Want Free Drinks? The honest truth

Want Free Drinks? The honest truth

When one goes to the bar with friends, there is a “game” that some people play to get free drinks. The girls will get all dressed up and flirt with guys around them to get the guy to buy them a drink. The guys are looking for a girl who is wiling to take a drink and sit there and talk with them in hopes of “getting lucky” later. In my younger days I played the game often so I understood the benefits and the risks. There was a particular skill in doing so. Through the years I have learned my lesson and I have found that there is more harm than good in allowing somebody else to buy you a drink. When the guy buys you a drink, you don’t just walk back to the group of friends that you came with. You are now expected to stand there and talk to him until your drink is gone. It just gets awkward. In some situations you can walk away and say thank you. Most times though, by accepting a drink you place yourself in a very uncomfortable situation. The guy that bought you a drink will think that you are actually interested in him and he will ask for your number and continue to follow you around the bar. After talking to some guys, they feel that when they buy a girl a drink that they now have “dibs” on her. It is a sick game.

What I have discovered is that if you are going out with friends, you should never let a stranger buy you a drink. Not only are you at risk of being drugged (which I have experienced) but then you are in a situation of owing somebody else your attention. It is always best to buy your own drinks and make your own decision on who you want to talk to:

Women- Make your own money and buy your own drinks. As charming as it is to have somebody offer to buy you drinks, it does not pay off in the long run. How much is your time worth? I would rather choose who I talk to and pay for my own bills rather than allowing somebody to have the idea of control. Our minds work different than a mans and it can get real awkward real quick.

Men- Keep your guard up. It may be a kind gesture you make, or you may be looking to get a number or a relationship of some sort. Truth is: 9 times out of 10 the girl that you buy a drink for is NOT interested. You will be wasting your time AND money and it just gets awkward for both of you. You want to find a woman who works and holds her own. If you still want to buy her a drink…..don’t follow her around…you just got duked and she most likely wants nothing more to do with you. Unless you are out one on one with a girl- it is a waste to buy a girl at the bar a drink.

Honest Truth

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