A Long Lost Poem

Heart spill

It hasn’t always been this way

I wish my darkness would turn to day

I need someone to hear me

Someone please set me free

Each day brings a new disaster

It seems my heart is beating faster

Why can’t anyone level with me

Am I the only one struggling and down on one knee??

I didn’t have to believe the lies

The pain and sorrow continued to rise

This temporal fun came to a rough end

I thought that I was just becoming a good friend

Why did I fall down so low?

Why did I let my values go?

Now I can only look back in regret

The things of my past I will never forget

The people I hurt the lives I messed up

I should have made better choices growing up

They told me once they told me twice

I didn’t listen or take their advice

I went on in my sin and shame

I didn’t want to take the blame

My conscience seared my spirit quenched

In constant tears my heart was drenched

I need to escape I need to be free,

There was one who came to talk to me

All he said when he whispered the words was..

Its okay my child, GOD UNDERSTOOD!


Written in 2005

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