In the season of Halloween, people dress up and play with the idea of ghosts and hauntings. People will dress-up and play the part but anytime you mention the idea of ghosts or the word paranormal; people put a guard up and get defensive and turn their ears off. The thought of ghosts or spirits outside of our site makes people nervous and hesitant to acknowledge the possibility.

Since I was a child I have been researching the supernatural. It always intrigued me that there is a spiritual life outside of our human dimension. I had grown up in church so I believe in the presence of both good and evil. As a young child I dabbled with witchcraft and the dark ‘powers’ so to speak.  I came to find out very quickly that the spiritual realm was real. I experienced many paranormal experiences.

I was so intrigued by the stories of the Salem witch trials that I took a road trip last summer to see the city of Salem, Massachusetts. That was quite the experience. Just driving through town, you could Almost touch the Spirit layer. People were dressed as witches and warlocks. Half the stores in the town were witchcraft stores. That was a town that believes in the dark side. The lofty glances from an outsider walking through town were not well hidden. The town was small and eerie. I visited the cemetery where the witches were buried. These women were killed and punished for practicing witchcraft. The question of whether or not their powers were real is beside the point. These womens’ bodies are laying there beneath the ground after being hung and burned for the thought that they possibly practiced evil.

I work in the field of medicine and see a lot of different people that come into the ER in crisis. Many times these patients get put in the psych facilities and diagnosed with psychiatric conditions and medications. I see these people and half the time I say to myself “this person seems like they’re possessed”.  Spiritual nature of disease is not something that is highly looked upon in the medical field. That is part of the reason that I chose not to be in mental health nursing. I disagree on the orientation of half of the diagnoses. They give no light to the fact that the supernatural exists.

A story that I have recently in my life proves my point. My niece had a rough childhood growing up. My brother had left the state to work with the carnival and left his daughter and wife here in Detroit.  I wrote more about this in my autobiography, Taking Back The Pen, which goes into details about what went on behind the scenes in this scenario. (You can order a copy here now, 

My niece is currently nine years old. When she was seven years old she was put on an antipsychotic medication for schizophrenia. I was not happy about this decision, because that medication alters the brain. In a growing young girl, that alters how her brain will ultimately function. She had gotten taken away from her mother and put into a foster home. At this new home, she was having nightmares and not sleeping through the night. She was being very harmful to the other children in the house. The foster family was having a hard time dealing with her.

They brought her into the doctor’s office to see what was going on. When the doctor asked her how she was doing, she told them that she wasn’t good.  When the doctor asked her why she wasn’t feeling good, she said “my friend is scaring me and he’s not treating me very nice”. The doctor asked her to clarify what she meant. She told the doctor that her “friend”, has been telling her to kill the children that are in the house with her at the foster home and then to kill herself. The doctor asked her what friend she was talking about. She said to the doctor “when I was five years old my mom and her friends were doing a séance in our living room trying to talk to my grandma. When they did that, our living room table lifted up and fell back down and broke all the legs. I was scared but my friend came up from behind me and put his hand on my shoulder and he told me that everything was going to be okay. He said I didn’t have to be scared and that he would be with me now. Since then he has been there to talk to me and tell me what to do sometimes. If I get scared he told me he’s there with me.  Sometimes he’s very mean and tells me to do mean things.  But that is where he met him. Nobody else can see him.  He is my friend”.

When the doctors heard this they immediately diagnosed her with schizophrenia.  When they put her on medications I was not happy about it. I called her mother and I asked her about the scenario. I didn’t tell her why was asking, I just asked her if she had done a séance in the living room when Jenna was five.   She told me that the story was true and that it did happen and it scared them so much that they have not practiced witchcraft since then.  With that, it was clarified to me what was being dealt with here. The friend that Jenna was referring to I believe was a demon. The doctors do not acknowledge that as a possibility, so instantly they diagnosed with schizophrenia and gave her mind-altering medication. She continues to have night terrors and her ‘friend’ continues to bother her.

To me it is very clear that when they opened up the portal into the spiritual round, they let Demonic powers in, and one of them chose my niece. I still struggle with the fact that for the past two years she has been taking these medications.  Medications will not cause the demonic powers to leave her.

So many times in the field of medicine I see this scenario. Nobody sheds light on the fact of the possibility of demonic possession. There is good in this world but there is also evil. In the Bible it talks about the power of good and evil. In the book of Ephesians chapter 6 verse 12, it says “For our struggle is not against flesh and blood but against the principalities, against the powers and against the spiritual forces of evil in this dark world.” That right there has always proved my point that we are amidst the spiritual realm in our daily lives.  We have all walked into places before that have not “felt right”. We have gotten bad vibes from places. There’s something higher than us that gives us those feelings.

Once people start to acknowledge the fact that there are ghosts among us and there is a higher power above us, our eyes will be opened and things will make more sense.

The next time you get goosebumps…..take a minute to think about what is going on around you that may be causing this phenomenon. We are not alone.

Rachel Fischer is a 24 year old from Detroit, Michigan, an emergency medicine RN and a sexual assault forensic examiner. Rachel has overcome many trials in life, is a public speaker, hosts groups to empower and motivate women and wrote the recently-released autobiography,Taking Back the Pen, which focuses on overcoming adversity and remaining resilient through life’s struggles. She utilizes the unconventional life she has been given to promote an atmosphere of hope and endurance. Her positive outlook on life shows people their trials can give them purpose and meaning to their lives. CLICK HERE to order her new book NOW