Just say, “NO”. 

How many times have you taken a day off and said, “today is my day”. And then you pick up your phone…. And the day is no longer yours. In order to have time to give away, you need to make time to get away. 
We live in a world of busyness. REST is just missing a few letters to read as STRESSED. We add too much to rest and then it becomes stress. Stress is DEADLY. Many evidenced based studies show the negative impact of stress on our life. Rest is the easiest cure yet we never get enough. 

We need rest. Sometimes when we get away from everything we take a vacation and we take our friends with us. This is not getting away from everything. This is taking your life with you and you are not truly getting away from it all. There is a difference between traveling and vacation. 

So many times, we find our identity in our work. This is not who we are. The problem is that we feel as though people need us. That’s just it. People don’t need us. Everyone is replaceable. That’s life. We can give more of ourselves when we are fulfilled and recharged as opposed to just being and constantly draining ourselves. How can you be inspiring and of use to somebody if you are no different and no more passionate than before, because you never stepped away to learn more and get rid of the old and allow yourself to receive the new. 
On the 7th day of creation, God rested. How in the world do we think that we don’t need what God wanted. We need rest. Sometimes we need to simply learn to just say, “no”. …. And when you say, “no”….. Be okay with it. Otherwise the stress from your regret or saying “no” will eat you alive and ruin your rest. Set boundaries in your life. 
We live in a world that doesn’t stop. We work so much and push ourselves so hard that we are literally killing ourselves. 

You don’t have to have the answer for everyone, everytime, everywhere. Take time for YOU. 

Miracles in Thailand… Now I’m a believer!! 

Some intense radical things have been happening in Thailand!!!!  

Day 5

 A nurse from the hospital came to our healing seminar and asked if some of the group would go to the hospital and pray for one of her patients. The little boy was in a motorcycle accident and was in a coma for 10 days. When our team arrived to the hospital the boys resting heat rate was 80 and his skin was cold. After praying for an hour, we started praying louder it went up to 250 and his whole body started shaking and then his heart rate dropped back down to 80 then all of a sudden he started moving his hand and his whole body got hot he opened his eyes and shut them and lifted his hand on the air. It got really intense and his mom was so excited and crying and then the hospital staff came in and said that our team had to leave the hospital!!! It was amazing!

I learned that in Thailand, the darker the skin— means that you are a field worker and are thought of as less important in the community. To prevent the Thai skin from being darker they wrap themselves in cloth and put sunglasses on and sometimes they look like they are wearing a bedsheet and sunglasses over their eyes. It’s kinda funny but I understand. 
To emphasize how real and strong this spiritual battle is… 
I had a vision during the night of something walking to the elevator and going to her room and taking the voice away from my group leader and suppressing her and quenching her spirit. And that I saw a battle of light and darkness above her. When I told my leader she said, ” that’s pretty interesting because I was attacked last night. I was in bed and I heard my hotel room door open and close. Then, something I couldn’t see, was choking me and I couldn’t speak or breathe. I couldn’t even speak to cast out the demon. Then they physically flipped me over and had my head in the pillow. The other leader from the other room came in and cast out the demon. When she did we saw a tall shadow in the room. I said,depart from me in the name of Jesus. And it left the room and my hotel room door open and shut.” This was real!! This actually happened!! The vision I had was at the same time that she said it happened to her during the night. 
More healing….
In the village There was a lady who had hip pain that didn’t allow her to walk. When we prayed over her she felt a pop and a click in her hip and then suddenly she was able to walk.
One girl in our group heard a voice telling her that somebody in the room was a dancer and has been injured and unable to dance. A woman in the room and said, ” yes that is me” we prayed over her and then she was able to stand and walk and she started dancing. It was beautiful!!!!
There was a woman paralyzed from the waist down. She had cold legs and feet she said as we were praying she felt heat and then her legs felt warm and then she got up out of the wheelchair and walked!!! Yes, that actually happened!!!

This woman in the village was paralyzed and lying on her front porch. She had a necklace of Buddha around her neck and she pointed to the areas on her neck where she had pain and it was directly under the gold buddha necklace. We got to tell her about Jesus and that he was the one true God that was able to heal her and allow her to rise. When we started praying she yelled that she felt heat everywhere and she was able to finally sit-up
On the way to the village the leader of my group said, “Rachel I want you to preach the message to the people in the village today”. I was unprepared but I just asked God to give me the words to speak… I can’t even tell you what I said, but I was told that it was awesome 🙂  

   I learned that in Thailand, the darker the skin— means that you are a field worker and are thought of as less important in the community. To prevent the Thai skin from being darker they wrap themselves in cloth and put sunglasses on and sometimes they look like they are wearing a bedsheet and sunglasses over their eyes. It’s kinda funny but I understand. 

In the village, there was a lady in a wheel chair. She said she went paralyzed on her left side 10 years ago and has had pain in her shoulder and no feeling on the rest of her side. We prayed for healing over her. As we prayed she said she felt the pain go away after I rotated and popped her shoulder back in place. She said she finally felt lighter and finally felt release. We were praying for function to be resolved because we thought that’s what she wanted but all she needed was her shoulder to be popped back into place. God healed her because we were obedient and went and prayed but the way He wanted to heal her was different than what we wanted and that was a learning experience. 

The lady with no hearing in the left ear came and asked for healing. We laid our hands over her ear and I prayed that Jesus would stand behind her and put his hands over her ears to heal them. I was praying in English without a translator. When I found a translator to find out if she could hear she said ” my hearing is back, and Jesus was standing behind me and He put His hands on my ears and He healed me!” I was so amazed because that’s exactly what I prayed for! 

There was a lady who was deaf and couldn’t talk and we prayed for her voice to come back and during prayer she was suddenly able to speak. Everybody around her were screaming when they realized she was able to speak!!

On the way to the village the leader of my group said, “Rachel I want you to preach the message to the people in the village today”. I was unprepared but I just asked God to give me the words to speak… I can’t even tell you what I said, but I was told that it was awesome 🙂 While I was in front of the Village speaking, three drunk men that were sitting in the front were laughing uncontrollably during my preaching. They were yelling and being belligerent. I bound the evil spirits in the name of Jesus and commanded them to be silent. They stopped talking and started listening. While looking at them their eyes were empty. At the end of the service when we called people fourth to be healed, we asked one of them, “why do you drink?” He said, “I drink so that I get so dizzy that I don’t have to think”. We asked what we could pray for him for, and he said that he had pain that starts in his back and shoots down his legs. So we laid hands on him and prayed for the pain and thoughts that are making him confused and angry to go away. His legs shook, and he said my pain is gone. He said, Jesus just healed me”. It was powerful!!! He then got in front of the church and told his story. The people in the village who knew him we’re so shocked to see his transformation and that their faith grew.

A lady with fingers in a fist who couldn’t move them was able to stretch out her hands again and she was able to lift her arms above her shoulders. 

A man who had pain radiating from his back to his leg that caused numbness and was unable to walk without a limp was able to walk. 

A woman with cancer and a stomach filled with fluid came for prayer. When I laid my hands on her I had a vision of gold. And I felt I needed to pray over her to let go of that. I asked her to open her hand and when she did, she was holding in her clenched hand a medication of gold oils, then I told her God wanted to heal her and that He would be her new treasure that was greater than Gold and riches on this earth. Then I told her that she needed to release the tears she was holding in and that God will release the fluid in her belly that has built up from the progression of liver cancer and she began to pour out tears and her nose began to run with fluid. Her belly that was once full was starting soften. Her eyes that were yellow with jaundice began to turn white. Her skin regained color. She said that she finally felt relief of pressure in her belly and that she finally had peace. 

A woman who had back pain 10/10 for years was able to stand and walk with no pain. 
There was a blind woman she had a headache and HIV. She said that one day she got this extreme headache and her whole body started shaking and then her vision just completely went away. As we were praying she said that the headache was removed. She said she felt better and lighter. Then she said she can now see light shining through the darkness. She said, “I see the light now and my vision isn’t completely back,but my vision will come in the morning. She said that at 1 am every morning she could see a light in the darkness and that she no new it was Jesus

There was a lump behind this one woman’s knee and the lump diminished after praying 
Four sets of deaf ears opened and they could hear!!
One lady we put our hands over her hears and after we prayed the first time she said she could hear more… We told her we we’re going to pray again. When we prayed the second time we saw a vision of Jesus standing behind her holding her ears as soon as we were done she heard everything as she used to and was complete healed. 
One lady we prayed for came back and said that her pain moved to her knee and asked us to pray again and in her belief she was healed 
In the northern village, before we came a woman had come into one of the Christian church prayer meetings and because her husband was there worshipping God and not Buddha, she came into the door and had a rope in one hand and a knife in the other. She was very angry and told him to choose which he was going to die by because he was believing in Jesus. The lady was removed from the place. This last week she saw the signs advertising that a group from America is coming to have a miracle day at church, so today when our group showed up in this village church, the woman came back through the door and charged at him with a knife. Our team started praying against the demons of anger in her and to bind the spirits driving her to do this. The woman broke down, broke into tears and fell down and she handed up the knife and she asked for prayer for forgiveness and accepted Jesus as her God. 
I have felt a theme in healing… First they feel heat and then they get healed!! It’s happened in most cases!!!
Today our leader was teaching the local pastors in the churches here in Thailand about the gift of healing. He was communicating to them about what the Bible talks about regarding gifts of the Spirit. during the message I was so hesitant, even though I’ve seen so many miracles so far, this was so radical from what I’ve been taught my whole life. During lunch break, I started to tell one of the translators how I was feeling about this . Then from inside the church, walked out a woman who is from thailand and works here came to me and she said that she was looking over at our missions group and God told her to look at me and wanted her to come to me during the break and that when she saw me God told her that I was hesitant and to let me know that he sees me and that He is pleased…. Both the girl that I had just talked to as well as myself were both amazed at the words of knowledge this woman received from God. Yet again, my faith was strengthened.

I have also learned that sometimes healing means finally having peace in their situation … We think the healing is always physical but sometimes the healing needs to happen within.

Dream Job,or Dream Community

“I went through with it. I sold my car, gave away half of my clothes and left my friends back home to move to the big city to pursue my dreams. I should have been living on top of the world, right?

And yet there I was, alone on a Saturday night, sitting on the dusty wooden floors of my over-priced, dilapidated apartment in Washington D.C. Thousands of young professionals mingled in bars and nightclubs a few blocks away, but I could not bring myself to force another surface-level conversation with people I had never met before and would probably never see again. I felt isolated.

Although I had recently enrolled in a prestigious graduate school and landed an internship with an innovative communications firm, I could not help but ask the horrifically difficult question—Was this worth it? Should I have left my friends, family and church community for the ‘next step’ in my career?

Our generation values professional opportunities and ambitious dreams over most other aspects of life. We often sacrifice depth in friendships, closeness to family members and commitments to local organizations and churches for the sake of adding lines to our resumes. Sometimes this takes the form of moving to new cities to start new jobs, but other times we simply overwork ourselves at the expense of the most important relationships in our lives. Sure, we have ambitions to run HIV clinics in Sub-Saharan Africa, to inspire inner-city students in underfunded U.S. schools, or to launch start-up companies with innovative tech solutions, but at what cost?

A generation in flux

Although we desire rich community and genuine relationships, we often do not stick around long enough for these connections to flourish.

Today, most young adults delay buying homes, getting married, having children and settling in long-term careers for the sake of flexibility. Ninety-one percent of Millennials expect to change jobs in less than three years, and this often involves transitioning cities or living situations, according to the Future Workplace “Multiple Generations @ Work” survey. As a result, we’re a generation constantly in flux. Although we desire rich community and genuine relationships, we often do not stick around long enough for these connections to flourish.

Describing young adults today, pastor and author Tim Keller illustrates this tension by saying, “I’ve never seen a generation more interested in community, more desirous of it, [but] the younger generation doesn’t want to make the sacrifices that enable community to happen, which means you have to limit your options. You can’t just move every two years.”

So what is the answer? Should we simply graduate high school and go to college, work jobs, buy houses and raise families in our hometowns for the entirety of our adult lives? Perhaps some of us should, but I believe with the proper balance, we can pursue both community and opportunity.

Thoughtfully, prayerfully consider each transition

I once saw a documentary on a guy who spent 13 years traveling around the world on bikes and boats. Although he saw amazing sights and met incredible people along the way, he completed the majority of his journey alone, and when he returned home, he lost his ability to relate to others. If we live in perpetual transition and do not take the time to root ourselves, we grow further and further away from relationships and the chances of finding genuine community decrease. For this reason, we must thoughtfully and prayerfully consider each transition before completely reshuffling our lives.

The writer of Proverbs says, “The heart of man plans his way, but the Lord establishes his steps.” While God gives us the ability to plan, dream and pursue opportunities, we must recognize that He alone determines where we go and what we do. In other words, we are not the gods of our own lives; He is. Therefore, we must weigh our decisions in prayer and wisely consider the options. If a transition requires abandoning current commitments and only serves selfish ambitions, it is probably not a wise choice. On the other hand, if an opportunity enables growth, learning, giving and connection with others, you should feel the freedom to pursue it while asking for God’s will to be done.

Stay in touch with family/friends

The Apostle Paul embarked on three separate missionary journeys along with a trip to Rome, a distance that some scholars estimate to be about 10,000 miles total. While he repeatedly joined and left different communities, he consistently maintained relationships by writing letters and relaying messages. In addition to sending epistles, he asked his recipients to share his love and thanks with these past communities with requests like, “Give my greetings to the brothers at Laodicea.”

In the age of iPhones and social media, staying in touch with family and friends should be much easier. We simply have to be intentional with upholding connections to those that matter the most in our lives while making ourselves available for new connections. A phone call to your family matters much more than finding out via Facebook who your high school lover is dating, yet in times of transition we often lose this perspective. Sometimes the mere act of picking up the phone can mean the difference between losing a friend and strengthening a relationship.

We should feel the freedom to chase our dreams, so long as we do not isolate ourselves in the process.

Pursue community wherever you are

After wrestling with isolation and the lack of stability that came with my move to Washington D.C. last year, I decided to make a change. I moved into a community house with 10 other people in the heart of the city. Although some of the guys in the house struggle with honoring “personal space” and do not understand the concept of “inside voices,” the friendships I’ve made have been invaluable. I now have both community and opportunity, and I could not be more thankful for the transition I made.

None of us should trade friends and family for jobs, but in an age of global opportunities, we should feel the freedom to chase our dreams, so long as we do not isolate ourselves in the process. As a poet once said, “No man is an island.” Wherever we go and whatever we do, we should seek community and willingly make sacrifices to foster depth in our relationships.”

I could not figure out a way to share this from the site I read it on so I copied and pasted it. But I really connected with it. Curt Devine is an insightful writer I follow.
Read more at http://www.relevantmagazine.com/life/career-money/dream-job-or-dream-community#zXYlDuIyXJbKi2FF.99

Dont Waste Your Life

Life is short, I dont want to waste it anymore. I like to be real and honest. I don’t agree with the American Dream that I was made to live an average life. I wasn’t made to work 40 hrs a week at a so called job that I feel forced to work, I wasn’t made just to be born get married and make children. I wasn’t made to be a slave to debt a Mortgage, bills and etc. I wasn’t made to live my entire life looking towards to retirement and long life and worrying that social security is going to run out.

If you want to Know what I was made for I will tell you and this is what my creator, my lord and king has told me.

1. I was made to love My Creater (God)  and anybody and everybody no matter who they are and if they don’t like me or not.

2. I was made to bring light to dark places ( with a light that comes from truth(Jesus) and a smile and a joy and happiness. and (have fun, yes christian know how to have fun)

3. I was made with a purpose to bring Hope to the hopeless and to bring Good news to the people with no news or bad news.

4. I was made to be a royal priesthood, a holy nation, and God special possession.

5. I was made to encourage people when they are discouraged.

6. I was made to be thankful and never complain and knowing that everyday is a new gift of life.

7. I was made to help my brothers and sisters in need.

8. I was made to have compassion to the brokenhearted and bear their burden in good time and bad times.

9. I was made to be like Jesus and be a servant and make disciple to all nations and baptizing in the Trinity of the Father ,Son and Holy Spirit

10. I was made to walk in victory and walk in power through Christ works and declare his name above all things and have faith in him through grace and set free from the grip of sin and embrace and love by the Father.

2014 is a year of Release of newness and a time of calling sons and daughters out of darkness and back to the love of The Father.

There are great and excited things coming this year and with the next few days i will be announcing how God want to use me for his kingdom

This is the Scripture For 2014 : 1 Peter 2:9 But you are not like that, for you are a chosen people. You are royal priests, a holy nation, God’s very own possession. As a result, you can show others the goodness of God, for he called you out of the darkness into his wonderful light.

Also this is my anthem for the year this Song By Hillsong “Tear Down The Walls”

It not about me but it about his Glory being displayed to The World.ImageThis Photo I took of Jerusalem when I was in Israel last year