FIRE!!! Losing everything and gaining perspective

I experienced my first fire!! The past month of my life has been quite a learning experience. My apartment caught fire the week before I had hip surgery. All of my belongings had to be removed from my house and repairs need to be made on the whole apartment and nothing yet has been started on the repairs still to this day. What I was left with was a backpack of clothes to get me through a week. My first priority was, where I was going to live. I was blessed to have been offered to stay at a friends house during the repair time of my apartment. The fact that I had hip surgery on top of it and have not been able to walk has only complicated things. I have needed a lot of help every day due to the disability.

In the past three weeks since the incident not once have I been lacking anything. I have enough clothes to get me by each day. I only have a backpack full of stuff but it is more than enough. As I think about all of my belongings in my apartment that were removed by the fire restoration company, I wonder how necessary all those belongings are. Everything I owned the clothing the knickknacks the books the toiletries and anything I have bought in the past are all boxed up and attempting to be restored at this time. Part of me thinks about things here and there and I wonder if this particular item will ever come back to me or this particular item will be able to be cleaned. In the bigger picture I look at the last three weeks and I have to remind myself have I really needed those items I am worrying about? I look at all the things I have and all the things I collected over the years and when it comes down to it they are only material items. I have been just fine without them. I have been living minimalistically with only the things that I need and I have not suffered once. In my situation I got lucky that everything was not burned to the ground during the fire and only smoke damage was done. In some cases people lose everything they have ever owned. For me, this was just enough of a loss to allow me to gain insight, because most things were salvageable, to remind me of what is important in life.

I want my goal to be to live the minimalistically. I have learned that I don’t need very much to get by. So why go out and buy one color of everything that I like or the latest and greatest version of anything I own. I have been Americanized and spoiled. Don’t get me wrong; nothing I have just come easy to me I have worked hard on my own for everything I have. The take-home is that I don’t need everything I have. Some people may never experience a fire to realize how quickly everything can be lost but I encourage you to re-approach the idea behind why you have what you have and why you buy what you buy and where your efforts can better be spent for a better purpose. That is one of the many lessons that I’ve learned through this fire experience. If I had two backpacks full of belongings right now instead of one I would still have too much,because I have been living fine with just one. So then; what is necessity and what is comfortability??

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Forced Rest

Forced Rest

I am a workaholic and it is hard for me to slow down. The MVC I was in forced me to take some time off work. I was not a fan at the time, because I hate to even call in sick. during the time that I was off I was able to finish writing and finish the editing process of a book I was working on. The book was finally finished and I published it this week .( ) That was a huge accomplishment for me. It cleared a lot of stress that I was holding in. At the same time it opened up a lot of stress as well. The book is an autobiography so having my story made public is a big deal. I have been struggling with the fact that people who know me and are close to me are going to see the back story of what I went through to get where I am today. The target audience is people who are going through rough times and faced with a depression that so many people go through when we dont think we can stand back up. The theme is resilience. Even through this accident, I am recovering and will be going through 6 weeks of physical therapy to get back to baseline. My goal is never to get back to baseline but to end up farther ahead. that should be everyones goal….never aim to get “back to where you were” always aim to be better than what you were. Time changes everything. you never know what tomorrow will bring. all we know is where yesterday took us. If we don’t want the yesterday to continue we need to change something. If you don’t like where you are headed in life change directions. Sometimes a Higher Power will make that choice for you and slow you down if you don’t listen right away to what your heart is telling you to do. I may have been in a bad car accident but there are many silver linings and there is always hope….and things will end up brighter because I am choosing for them to be.